Speaking opportunities at our online retail events

Share thought leadership


Speak in front of an engaged online retail audience

We run a busy programme of events throughout the year for online retailers and solution providers. As an IMRG member, we provide speaking opportunities at our online retail events where you can share thought leadership and to network among our highly engaged online retail community. Our programme of events consists of everything from major conferences to smaller workshops and we focus on relevant topics such as fashion in online retail, fraud, logistics, payments and more. By attending our events you will benefit from exclusive access to network with senior decision makers from a breadth of UK online retail companies in an inspiring environment. You can also get your brand in front of our online retail members through our comprehensive sponsorship program including events and reports sponsorship packages of different sizes. Position your company as an industry leader and get involved with the online retail community through our programme of events. 



Invite a retailer partner to our events

By providing guidance on market performance fluctuations, position yourself and an ideal partner to meet the ever increasing challenges and demands of the online retail industry. We would like to extend the invitation to your customers and we are happy for you to invite your clients and prospects to join our events. There is a limited number of client invitations and you will receive a guest invitation for your customer to take part in the event. In order to demonstrate your partnerships in practice, our peer-to-peer retailer led panels at Connect conferences provide the ideal platform to engage with existing and new partners in an interactive environment. 



We organise a range of different events

200+ attendees 
Full-day conferences with keynotes, panel discussions, best practice sharing and lots of networking opportunities. Relaxed and informal, these one day conferences are programmed by online retailers to focus on the important topics at the time. We organise two Connect Conferences throughout the year and they are focused on fashion in online retail and the peak trading season. 

10 / 15 attendees Cut
Focused on a specific topic (fraud, logistics, payments or legal) these are designed to allow knowledge sharing around the latest developments, and thinking, often featuring guest speakers from regulatory bodies and government.

Retailer roundtables 
10 / 15 attendees 
Open sessions for small numbers of retailers from different sectors to share experiences and learn from each other. We invite online retailers to talk about the everyday challenges in their role and meet likeminded people.

Data briefings 
15 / 20 attendees 
Focused briefings to help you understand emerging trends for your sector. 

Campaign groups 
Focused on developing solutions to key issues facing the industry. 



Establishing your business in new markets?

Do you have operations in other countries or thinking of expanding your business internationally? Our sister company eCommerce Worldwide provides valuable insight articles and compact trading guides that will help you understand better the business environment before establishing your operation in new markets. The eCommerce Worldwide Cross-Border Summit provides you with the practical knowledge and insight into trading across borders, and gain insight so you can improve performance if already venturing into new markets. The summit comprises of a series of high level keynotes and impressive panel sessions throughout the day covering a variety of topics from strategy and logistics to payment localisation and marketing.