Web chat adoption slow on the uptake despite positive feedback from organisations having implemented the channel

Low adoption despite high satisfaction

Although customer satisfaction with the channel is extremely high relative to alternative channels with 73% of customers highly satisfied, the pool of customers currently using web chat as a communication channel is still relatively small (24%). In the UK, this may be partly explained by the fact that the majority of UK businesses have not yet implemented the channel. Indeed, 64.4% of UK businesses do not yet offer web chat as a real-time customer service channel and may thereby be missing out on improving customer satisfaction. Furthermore, if it is to be expected that a large majority (72.2%) of respondents who have already implemented live chat have an ecommerce element to their business, it is surprising to note that 45.6% of those who do not offer web chat also have an ecommerce function. 

A channel used to help customers through the sales process 

When asked about how they used the web chat channel on their website, 63.9% of respondents said they used the channel to talk customers through the sales process and 58.3% use it as a post-sales customer service tool. However, a large majority (86.8%) of those respondents who do not yet offer it, view web chat as a customer service channel, and not as a sales tool. Amongst respondents with web chat, 81% of those to whom the question was applicable reported an increase in conversion rates to some extent since implementing web chat, thereby confirming the effectiveness of the channel as a sales tool.

Web chat improves customer loyalty and will continue to grow in importance

Of those respondents who already operate a web chat solution, 86.1% believe that the solution has had a positive impact on their organisation by improving brand loyalty and their company image. Furthermore, 86.8% of those who do no yet have the solution would personally like to see web chat implemented within their organisation. Indeed, 70.6% of respondents who do not yet have web chat are currently investigating chat solutions (58.8%) or planning to do so within the next 12 months (11.8%). Finally, a large majority of respondents, 92.5% in fact, use web chat themselves when shopping online.

About the survey

The pool of respondents to the ‘Web chat for customer service’ survey was from a wide variety of small-to-medium and large enterprises based in the United Kingdom (UK) and included Heads and Managers of Contact Centres, Customer Service, Operations, Customer Experience, Ecommerce, Customer Retention and Business Development operating in industries such as finance, utilities, education, healthcare, luxury goods, retail, travel and the public sector.

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