Monetate unveils new Personalisation Platform additions for powering customer-centric, data driven personalisation

Monetate, the leading provider of multi-channel personalisation, has announced the launch of a new solution to help retailers combat the reoccurring disconnect between what brands offer and what consumers want.

Now available, the Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer reveals valuable insights from big data that can then be used to provide a more holistic consumer experience. As a result, marketers will now be able to deliver personalised services by recognising customers no matter the device or channel they are using.

The platform will incorporate key features, including:

In the fragmented ecommerce landscape, it has become increasingly difficult for brands to keep up with customers who move fluidly between screens – not to mention between physical and digital shopping environments. The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer empowers brands to conquer this challenge by identifying unique individuals using a sea of touch points, interpreting key attributes and critical behavioural signals.

Not only will the solution leverage these findings to create actionable customer profiles, it will allow brands to determine the type of personalised experience to offer individuals and paint a more complete portrait of the person. This will include pinpointing the most effective devices and channels for connecting with them.

The unveiling of the Customer Intelligence Layer comes shortly after the announcement of Monetate for Mobile Apps, which allows marketers to personalise and test any part of their mobile app’s user experience, run unlimited A/B/n tests, segment customers and instantly update the app – without ever having to touch a single line of code.

Putting the customer at the centre of the experience 

“Gaining a unified view of the customer is the holy grail of marketing. Traditionally, it has been very tough for brands to achieve this level of clarity and precision. Today, it’s more accessible than ever before,” said Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO, Monetate. “Whether people are shopping in-store or online, each of their actions should influence the next marketing decision. The innovative strides we’ve set forth in the Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer make all of this possible.”

“The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer gives brands a competitive edge,” continued Duncalfe. “It equips them with unprecedented understanding and opens new doors to a future filled with limitless marketing possibilities.”