Mobile Commerce: What consumers really want?

Mobile is no longer a trend, or even just an opportunity; it is quickly becoming a new standard for consuming content. First, we asked 1,000 UK consumers to tell us about how they use and shop on mobile devices;their experiences of mobile web, apps – their expectations and frustrations. Then we undertook a benchmarking study assessing the mobile sites and apps of some of the UK’s top retailers, paying particular attention to some of the elements that we found were of greatest concern to consumers.

EPiServer produced its last report on mobile strategy in late 2011. The conclusion then was that the mobile web had very much arrived, and that some marketers had begun to capitalise, but there was still much work to be done and lessons to be learnt, such as how to make the most of customer’s location.

Since then the consumer uptake of mobile continues to accelerate. Ofcom announced in December 2012 that smartphone penetration in the UK market had hit 58%, whilst 19% of British consumers are tablet owners. In addition to this, an average of over £1,000 per person is spent online. A figure, Ofcom says, is being ‘increasingly driven’ by the use of mobile devices.

This report presents our findings, showing how far retailers have come since our last report but also indicating some of the gaps that still exist between retailer’s mobile strategy and consumer expectation.

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