8 February 2016: In light of the London Mayor calling for more click and collect hubs to reduce London congestion, Doddle, the UK network of purple parcel stores, has announced it will be expanding its footprint around the capital through the launch of Doddle Neighbour.  

Doddle Neighbour will expand the reach of Doddle’s existing 45 stores in train stations, shopping centres and universities through Neighbours; individuals and businesses who earn an income by providing Doddle’s parcel services to their local community from their homes or premises.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP, said: “By 2031 we are expecting to see a 20 per cent increase in white van traffic on the streets of the capital thanks to internet shopping alone. We’re working hard to reduce congestion on our streets with innovative short and long-term solutions, but it’s vital that businesses step forward to work smarter too. We need to see more click and collect stores and hubs in our capital, and I welcome any initiative that helps to reduce the number of delivery vans on our streets.”

Doddle Neighbour, which is based on sharing economy principles, is currently being rolled out in Epsom, Surbiton, Kingston, Richmond, Wimbledon, Paddington and Ealing. The initiative has already successfully launched in Haywards Heath and Bromley.

The benefits are not only that of greater convenience for customers – the environment stands to benefit too. As a result of guaranteed first time deliveries van drivers can make more deliveries with fewer vans. For instance, in 15 minutes a van driver can make four deliveries to individual homes, compared to 50 deliveries to one Doddle store.

This consolidation benefit across the entire market of 1 billion parcel deliveries, could result in the removal of a staggering 18,696 vans off UK roads every day. 

Tim Robinson, Doddle CEO, commented: “Doddle Neighbour formalises the concept of taking in parcels for your neighbours, something thousands of Brits do every day across the UK. The difference is Doddle is going to pay them to do it.  

“Doddle is about making it easy to send and receive parcels and Doddle Neighbour is the next frontier in this mission. Neighbour is about bringing Doddle services to local communities, taking parcels the final metre, not just the final mile, so that customers can send and receive parcels at a time and place that’s most convenient for them.”

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