Benchmarking the Digital High Street

Ecommerce is an area of consistent growth. Our own research reveals that over a third of online shoppers (36%) have increased the amount of online shopping they do over the last year. For all sorts of products and services, consumers are increasingly turning to the web to make their lives easier but, as the online market matures, so too do consumer expectations.

Almost half of online shoppers have shopped using a mobile device in the last six months, so ecommerce challenges and opportunities continue to evolve as technology develops. With retail competition as fierce as ever, it is vital for online retailers to differentiate themselves and offer the best possible experience, on every device, in order to keep customers spending.

But what exactly are consumers expecting from online retailers now? And how are other online trends, such as the uptake of social media, affecting online shopping behaviours? We conducted consumer research to gauge the expectations of online shoppers and identify the make-or-break factors for consumers parting with their money online.

We then took these findings and assessed the websites of 25 of the UK’s top retailers against our best practice benchmark, to see just how many are meeting the expectations of today’s web-savvy consumer.

Are retailers ticking the right boxes and delivering an engaging and rewarding web experience? Or are they risking customer loyalty, extra revenue and market share by underestimating consumer expectations?

This report reveals all, and offers practical advice and real-world examples to show how online retailers can improve to meet and exceed expectations.

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