Arvato is building in the inter-municipal Industrial Park Dorsten/Marl

The first phase of construction will consist of three halls and a central office building with an area totaling 28,200 square meters. The amount invested in the first phase of the project totals more than 30 million euros. In the long term, hundreds of jobs in trade and commerce will be created at the site. Excavation should begin – weather permitting – by the end of March.

The property, which Arvato will now purchase, also has an expansion area for the construction of 12 hall modules. In the final phase of construction the planned logistics center could have an area of over 100,000 square meters. These could be adapted to customer needs and expanded by integrating further intermediate levels. The new location in northern Ruhr will provide comprehensive B2B and B2C logistics services for Arvato customers from various industries. The services include order processing and inventory management, consignment sales, assembly and special services, delivery and transport management as well as returns processing.

"After assessing various alternatives, we decided on the Dorsten/Marl location because it offers excellent public transportation and great infrastructure," says Frank Schirrmeister, Chairman of the Executive Board at Arvato SCM Solutions. Schirrmeister continues: "Due to its central location in the most populated German state and its immediate proximity to the Benelux countries, the location in northern Ruhr is an ideal addition to Arvato's existing logistics centers in the Netherlands, Eastern Westphalia, Hanover and the greater

Halle/Leipzig area. The inter-municipal Industrial Park Dorsten/Marl also has direct access to Europe's densest transportation and waterways networks."

Further aspects in favor of the Dorsten/Marl location, according to Schirrmeister, were its immediate access to postal distribution centers from the logistics service providers Deutsche Post DHL and DPD, which makes it possible for Arvato to provide overnight delivery for customers from all over Germany, as well as its proximity to numerous universities, research institutes and technological centers in the region. "This is an important factor, particularly when it comes to recruiting competent and motivated skilled workers or managers," says Schirrmeister, who also praises the collaboration of participating partners on the project. The collaboration between Wirtschaftsförderung metropoleruhr GmbH, the Dorsten/Marl Industrial Park Project Corporation, participating cities and Steag GmbH was excellent and proceeded smoothly.

As a "one-stop agency", Wirtschaftsförderung metropoleruhr GmbH (wmr) supported Arvato over the course of a year in their search for a new location, from the initial inquiry to the final decision. The coordination was carried out in close cooperation with local economic developers, communal administration and the Department of Commerce for North Rhine-Westphalia. Together with the cities Dorsten and Marl, as well as the property owner Steag, authorities at Arvato and wmr were quickly able to identify the industrial park as an ideal location.

For Rasmus C. Beck, Chairman of the Executive Board for wmr, the decision for the industrial park is a confirmation of the advantages the Ruhr metropolitan area has to offer as an economic and logistic location. "Northern Ruhr has asserted itself on a national level. We are able to quickly offer the properties that companies need and to develop them in cooperation with our communal partners."

Marketing for the industrial park is organized by the cities of Marl and Dorsten through the joint project corporation, as well as by Steag GmbH as property owner. Klaus Langenberg, Executive Manager of the project corporation, announced the total commercialization of the industrial park with this settlement. "The future Arvato Bertelsmann industrial property was

able to assert itself through its unique selling point of direct access to the highway and the existing DHL postal cargo center."

The settlement is also a signal for the economic development of the Emscher-Lippe region. "We are pleased about the settlement and the additional employment that will be created in the future. The Dorsten/Marl Industrial Park is a good example of how successful intercommunal collaboration can be accomplished," says Werner Arndt, Mayor of the city of Marl.

Tobias Stockhoff, Mayor of the city of Dorsten, emphasizes the attractive central location of the area on the Wesel-Datteln canal: "We represent more than five million inhabitants of the Ruhr. A total of 60 million people within a radius of 250 kilometers can be reached from this location."


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