A framework for global commerce

Cross-border expansion is regarded by many retailers as core to the growth of their businesses going forward. The opportunity to reach new consumer markets can not only increase sales, but also offers other benefits such as enabling out-of-season stock to be shipped to another hemisphere where it may still be relevant.

So where are the best regions to target and what framework can be established to support successful expansion?

A report by Demandware entitled ‘The Global Commerce Framework: How Retailers Grow Faster Internationally’ looks at these questions in detail. Below is a summary of some of the key points covered within it.

You can download a copy of the full report here.

Key geographies and trends

North America and the larger economies in Europe have tended to be the main targets for retailers, although other regions are currently experiencing higher growth rates.

Finding the best region for a brand can vary in accordance with its specific proposition; certain product types may be more desirable or in greater demand in certain countries, for example.

The report suggests that retailers think of global expansion as follows:

The global commerce framework

Focusing on how retailers can ensure effective online cross-border expansion, the report sets out a universal framework to address the requirements and considerations for successfully expanding global commerce operations.

The below diagram displays an overview of the three action areas of the global commerce framework, which the report says is true for retailers at all stages of the process; whether going global for the first time, extending into additional countries, or optimising existing global commerce operations.

The report sets out each of the points in the diagram in detail. You can download a copy of the full report here.