What is App Indexing?

App Indexing is the process of indexing mobile apps in order to make them appear in the Google Search. In a nutshell, App Indexing allows your mobile app to be easily found by users through a simple Google query. On Android devices, app indexing makes it easy for users who search for specific content to discover the apps they already have on their phones, launch them by clicking the corresponding link in the search results and re-engage with those applications. In a few words, app indexing is a great tool to increase the engagement and retention of your app users. Let’s see why in detail.

App Indexing: What’s the hype?

App Indexing boosts user acquisition.

Having your app in the Google index means your product’s visibility highly increases. This makes it possible for a wider group of potential customers, within your target audience, to discover your app, learn what is it about and download it in order to benefit from it. On Android devices, app indexing allows an easy download process thanks to a very effective Install Button that appears close to the app link in the Google search.

App Indexing boosts user engagement.

Thanks to app indexing, users who previously downloaded your app and then forgot about it will be automatically reminded of your product while searching for related content in the Google Search tool. This way, they will find out they already have what they need and will be gently pushed to open again your mobile application via a deep link.

App Indexing boosts user retention.

Finally, by helping you quickly re-engage your users in your product, app indexing is a great way to boost user retention. The more your users will go back to your app and discover about its functionality, the less the risk they will drop out. Having your app indexed by Google will reduce the chances of uninstalls and therefore will increase your user retention rate.