Ride Booking Application - a Netmera Use Case


A leader local ride booking application was in need of 3 main components for their application;

  1. Implementing Geofencing technology to their app in order to track customers and drivers
  2. Personalization Capability to present targeted offers to their customers, and
  3. A user-friendly User Interface Design to improve customer experience

Within this competitive market, the Ride Booking Company needed to have the right technology partner , therefore they cooperated with Netmera to utilize their expertise regarding the 3 components.

  1. As accurate location is the core element for the Ride Booking Company, they used Netmera`s multiple Geofencing Technology which mainly stores geo-coded data, and query them using geo-spatial search methods.
  2. The Company also used Netmera`s Personalization Capability to present tailor-made offers and experience to each customer. Netmera`s tools enable the Company to track and show the path that users are taking through their journey.
  3. Since User Interface is essential for customer engagement, the company utilized Netmera`s Easy User Interface Design to enhance user experience to increase user engagement.  

Netmera Geofencing Technology enabled the Ride Booking Company to:

With Netmera`s Personalization Capability, the Ride Booking Company is able to send personalized offers and notifications according to the users’ locations, preferences, the in-app user behavior and demographic information.

Netmera`s  Easy User Interface Design had a role to increase the conversion rates.

Services provided to the Company by Netmera didn’t only bring the advanced technology and mobile application expertise they also enhanced the user engagement and marketing side of the business which the Company needed to stand out and be one of the biggest players in their industry.

Whichever industry you are in and wherever your business is located; Netmera will support you 24/7 with advanced and personalized services which will significantly improve your business.