Notifications with an extra oomph: the power of Emojis


An image communicates way more and way faster than a few words, especially if the image we are talking about depicts an expressive face and conveys a specific emotion…yes, I am talking about Emojis.

Technological progress shortened distances and enriched us with huge opportunities and resources we could just dream about in the past. The things we can do, the people we can meet, the places we can go are now way more than a while back. But while our interactions increase and our reachable space grows, our time seems to shrink, and our attention span too. This means our communications and messages might struggle a lot to be efficiently received.

In this scenario, how can we make sure our Push Notifications will grab other people’s attention? The answer is simple: by making them as catchy as possible.

3 tips to build catchy Push Notifications

Cut the words

Keep your text message short and focused on the specific info or call-to-action you want to deliver to your app users. Remove all the unnecessary and invite people to take a second action in order to learn more.

Choose the words

Put some emphasis in your message, use positive words conveying enthusiasm and attracting people to re-engage with your app. Be specific with your call-to-action: a clear explanation of what your users have to do to gain what you promised them is the key to make the message (and your app) easy to remember. Give your users a reason to take an action and learn more!

Enrich the words

Put some feelings in your message! Enrich your content with a nice expressive emoji to strengthen the message you are sending out. Your customers will love that! With Netmera, adding emojis to your Push Notifications is very easy. Take a look at the following screenshot!

Enrich your message with an EMOJI:

screenshot9 - Copyscreenshot9

The future of mobile engagement relies on personalization and relationship building. Care about your users and show them that you care!