Mobile Marketing to Millennials – How to Catch Their Attention?

Millennails have proven that they are one of the most important groups of buyers – already the largest demographic in the US– today. Even though they are one demographic segment, consisting of the ages 18-40; it is not easy for marketers to identify them in sharp boarders. It requires an unusual way of thinking for marketers to attract this tech-savvy demographic since they react to the marketing practices quite differently from any other segments. However, the value that can be derived from them makes all the digital marketing efforts worth trying.

Since millennials are a unique segment, you can say goodbye to traditional marketing methods- well, it is never easy to influence the influencers. Let’s see some tips on how to approach millennials and catch their attention;


Go Mobile

Building a strong presence on mobile should be your key strategy to attract these trendsetters who are always looking down to their phones with busy thumbs. The first thing that comes to your mind might be: do I have to have a mobile application for a mobile presence? Well, we cannot deny the power of mobile apps for your brand, however recent technology developments attempt to bridge the gap between mobile apps and web. With these developments such as Progressive Web Apps and mobile-optimised websites, your millennials can have the same experience like the look and functionality.

Be Everywhere

Since millennials are location-independent, you need to be able to reach them everywhere to adjust their traveling lifestyle accordingly.

With the help of Geolocation tools (Beacons and Geofences), you can reach users while they enter a physical store/area real-time and send messages to;

• Announce local events at nearby locations,
• Invite them to your store and greet them when they leave by providing a discount,
• Notify them about special promotions, discounts or new products available within the store and
• Bring mobile users who have recently checked products to nearest stores etc.

Providing tailored information based on users’ location will enable your user base to grow alongside engagement and retention.

Provide the Same Experience in Every Step

Your customers-especially millennials-use multiple touch points and devices while interacting with your brand, products and campaigns. They are now expecting to have the exact same experience since their decision making might start from a website, continue on a mobile application and end by buying the product in a physical store. Therefore omni-channel solutions that require multi-channel integration between your systems (CRM, Order Systems, E-Commerce Systems, Social Media, Payments Systems, Physical Stores etc.) and tools are becoming inevitable for you to engage your customers regardless of which channel they use.

Be Active on Social Media

Millennials love communities. They take into consideration other peoples’ reviews, critics and recommendations about a product/service before buying it. The online community voices are so loud that more than half of the millennials show their love on the brands they like on social media platforms. Therefore it is crucial for your brand to have a solid social media presence in every level, including providing customer service to using them as marketing channels.

Millennials have high expectations! Capturing their attention also depends on the exciting, engaging and unique experiences and content you offer. You need to make sure that they feel like a VIP with tailor-made campaigns. Luckily they are quite generous when it comes to sharing information in order to be served more efficiently. You should use this data wisely in order to offer them more relevant and personalised services and campaigns throughout their whole journey.