Alternative Solution for Google`s Mobile PopUp Ads Penalty: Web Push!

We are no strangers to `search engine God` Google`s algorithmic changes and product announcements that have the power to affect our whole marketing strategies.

Not long ago, Google announced that mobile web sites which use intrusive pop-ups and interstitials, will be ranked lower in search results.  This execution started on January 10, 2017 in order to improve the mobile search experience for users.

According to the new algorithm, the following examples will be penalized;

Tough? Not for us!

As marketers and organizations, we have to be prepared for every scenario and develop alternative solutions in advance. It is important that your marketing strategy targets both web and app users and create truly omni-channel campaigns to avoid facing such surprises.

Time to create solutions

There is no need to freak out as this might be a great opportunity for you to leave your single-channel marketing strategy, finally! And fortunately, there is a great alternative for you to engage customers in one of Netmera`s  omni-channel solutions:

Netmera Web Push technology is basically a smart option for companies who don`t have mobile apps or having trouble engaging users to their current apps or mobile sites (like this case).

Web Push allows visitors who come to your website to opt-in to receive notifications on their mobile and/or desktop devices without installing anything. By just allowing, they are subscribed. There are many other benefits of Web Push, to name a few;

There are also many cases you can use Web Push such as; notifying customers about special offers, notifying subscribers about new events/ new arrivals/ when new content has been published, reminding visitors to complete a purchase, reminding visitors of your website etc.