eCommerce Infographic: Why Customers Aren’t Converting

As a retailer, putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes should always be a priority.  It’s the only way to successfully connect with your target audience and find out what they care about, what drives them and how you can make a meaningful impact in their mind.

We're seeing the same scenario all too often: A customer is browsing a website looking for a specific product, fully intending to make a purchase and then…

They just leave. They give up and close the tab. They abandon ship.

But why? Well, to give you a little hint, they don’t JUST leave, there’s a few tangible reasons why this happens. We put together a little infographic from a customer perspective to illustrate the 4 main reasons why customers leave your website without finalising their purchases.

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1. Information Overload 

(For more stats, check out the full infographic HERE)

Yes. Knowledge is power and an abundance of information is often considered to be a good thing, but too much information can easily send your customer’s brain into overdrive and cause them to experience pre-purchase anxiety.

In this scenario, chances are the customer will decide to leave the website and purchase their item in-store, where they can ask staff for advice.

So, how can you bridge the gap between online and in-store? You should aim to mirror both your online and offline experiences through conversationclick here to read more about the benefits of a Conversational Strategy

2. Low Quality Information 

Have you ever attempted to have a productive and intricate conversation with a chatbotbefore? It’s not always very intuitive, especially when they refer you the almighty FAQ page which definitely doesn’t contain the answer to your specific question…

Although the struggle can be very real, I’m not saying that chatbots are useless. Far from it, they’re great, but pair them with real, authentic human conversations and they become the best versions of themselves.

Click here to see how you can empower chatbots with a human touch

3. Mistrust 

“OMG this hair straightener has literally CHANGED my life, 10/10 would recommend to my entire family, my cat, my boss and my doctor” 

Fake news! It’s everywhere. Customers are starting to become more aware of fake online reviews which is why getting your customers to trust you is much more of a challenge nowadays. The problem with that is that trust is a crucial element in increasing Customer Lifetime Value and retaining valuable customers.

The bottom line: You MUST prioritise your Customer Experience to stand out from the competition and build a trustworthy brand image

4. Negative User Experience 

How is a potential customer going to buy from your brand if they can’t even find what they are looking for on your website? Going back to the point I made earlier about putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer – Time is precious! The more user-friendly your website is, the better and the faster your customers will be able to navigate and fulfil their needs.

To learn more, view the full B2C Infographic here