Legal Forum - Data transfer, Geo-Blocking and International Marketplaces


IMRG, in conjunction with Bond Dickinson, will be hosting the next Legal Forum part of our ongoing series. Open to retailers only this month we focus on five key topics. 

  • Brexit discussion: Likely legal implications that the vote for the UK to leave the EU will have on the e-Commerce industry. For example, what are the key areas to watch and what might the changes look like. Such as, consumer law, data protection and financial services 
  • Resale Price Maintenance – Following the issuance of fines against two businesses in May 2016, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) released an open letter on the 21st June reminding traders and suppliers of their obligations for pricing. The group will be discussing the implications of this letter and areas for retailers to consider. 
  • Data Protection; with the latest developments on Safe Harbor and its ‘replacement’, Privacy Shield, there are a number of important questions to consider around Data Transfer. For example, where third parties are providing ‘follow the sun’ support, are you covered for data breaches in all of the territories used to provide this service? We will be discussing compliance, liability and the role of Cyber Risk insurance; third parties are increasingly not taking the risk of a breech and expect clients to take out insurance.

  • Geo-Blocking (the process of using technology to block traffic/services from certain geographic locations): the European Commission are looking to introduce legislation that encourages all businesses with a transactional website to make their service available to consumers in all EU 28 countries. There are exceptions but could this mean that any businesses with a website must trade across all of the EU? We will be discussing the implications and exceptions 

  • Marketplaces: The forum will be looking at typical T&C’s involved in using marketplaces as a vehicle for taking your brand into international markets. There are IP, commercial and customer data considerations that will be discussed so that attendees are aware of areas worth considering when their brand looks to utilise this useful channel to international consumers. 


Who Should Attend?

This forum is designed to provide retailers with key learnings around the ever changing legislative landscape. If your role or responsibility falls into one of the below, you will benefit from attending our forum.

  • Heads of eCommerce

  • Heads of Multichannel Retailing

  • Global Heads of eCommerce

  • Legal teams 

This event is open to all IMRG retailer members. 

Event Date 5th Jul 2016 to 5th Jul 2016
Event Time 10:00 to 12:30
Location Bond Dickinson