IMRG Performance Management Dinner


IMRG have launched a series of performance management dinners which will be looking at improving business profitability by focusing on a number of key pressure points on websites.Over dinner in a private area this first forum will explore the opportunities, the challenges and outline the role that intelligent, automated merchandising can play in transforming the way that retailers select and present content online. We will focus on three key areas;

  • focusing on improving conversion and customer retention 
  • merchandising and product placement strategies 
  • product discovery and curation

As traffic acquisition gets more competitive and expensive the pressure to engage and convert these hard won, “expensive” visitors is increasing.  This pressure is not only coming from within your organisation it’s also from your customers.  Modern, online-savvy shoppers expect no, demand, to be shown relevant content especially as they are under the impression that retailers have access to their personal history.

The first wave of millennials - now 25-34 years of age, professional, style conscious and with money to spend – are changing everything.  These are true omnichannel consumers, mobile and online first.  And online has fast become a crucial arena in retail – both as a sales channel and as the single most important influence over buying behaviour across all channels.

Retailers must challenge the old truths and adapt to this new reality – and they must do so fast.

Who Should Attend?

This forum is designed to provide retailers with key learnings around automated merchandising. If your role or responsibility falls into one of the below, you will benefit from attending our forum.

  • Trading Directors  / Manager

  • eCommerce Directors / Managers

This event is open to all IMRG retailer members.

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Where Is It?

Ham Yard restaurant and bar has a frequently changing menu revolving around the freshest, seasonal ingredients and the best of British produce. The bar offers a carefully created cocktail list and a specially selected wine list as well as a selection of regularly changing small plates and sliders.

Ham Yard

1 Ham Yard, London, W1D 7DT

Event Date 15th Sep 2016 to 15th Sep 2016
Event Time 18:30 to 21:30
Location Ham Yard Hotel

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