Trend watch - August 2016

We know you are very busy people – so each month we now provide a summary of the recent trends we’ve been tracking to ensure you didn’t miss anything. 

In this month's insight article you can read about the key findings from when we polled our retail members two weeks after the EU referendum to see if they had experienced any slowdown in sales following the Brexit vote. The common theme at that point seemed to be that there was a drop-off in online sales over the first few days after the vote, but sales then appeared to recover to normal over the subsequent week.

We tracked two new records in June for mobile device (tablets and smartphones) sales performance in the IMRG Capgemini Sales Index. Sales via tablet devices declined for the first time since we have been tracking them. We cover the full story in this month's insight. 

Read about the effect on cross-border trading with the sterling tumbling sharply in the days following the referendum in the IMRG MetaPack UK Delivery Index. 

Topics we cover in the insight: 

This edition is July reporting June data 

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