IMRG Personalisation through segmentation forum

Smart data


The objective of this forum is to review how customer data can be expanded upon, and include retention strategies. We will also touch upon changes to data protection changes coming down the line, look at customisation by device and the impact of behavioural targeting. Taking learning from our last forum we will focus around the topics of: 

  • The importance of segmentation and managing touchpoints 
  • There is always more downstream data - exploring how people arrive at your site
  • How to properly identify the visitor - don't jump to conclusions 

We will have a guest retailer on hand to dicuss their own experience around building usable data segments, and fully expore what retailer can achieve .  

Who Should Attend?

This forum is designed to provide retailers with key learnings around the ever changing trading landscape. If your role or responsibility falls into one of the below, you will benefit from attending our forum.

  • eCommercee  Managers / Directors 
  • Marketing Mangers / Directors 

This event is open to all IMRG retailer members*

*An online retailer would be a B2C operation selling products or services, via a website with transactions completed fully, including payment, via any interactive channel, from any location. These operations may have a social media presence, store, or be linked via a marketplace but would operate primarily via their own domain and not via a marketplace alone. Unfortunately 3rd party agencies who have retailers as clients are not classed as retailers themselves but would be a solution provider. Attendees registering under incorrect ticket types may have thier ticket cancelled with access to the event refused.