Right place, right device to transact


This is more than mobile commece. “Contextual commerce” is the potentially game-changing idea that merchants can seamlessly implement purchase opportunities into everyday activities and natural environments. In other words, people can buy anything, anytime, anywhere, with the click of a button … or even just their voice. It’s the concept behind the buy buttons you’ve seen rolling out on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. 

Reducing friction at point of transaction is key to improving conversion rates. Likewise, conversion is driven by relevancy further up the sales funnel; spanning search, email and other marketing channels. Attendee’s to this dinner will better understand:

  1. The opportunities to provide a point of sale in ‘non-retail’ environments e.g. voice search; chat bots; social and games
  2. Review technology changes enabling business to take place where their customers are expressing a need or desire
  3. Benefits of engagement outside of the traditional sales channels i.e. stores, online, mobile and telephone.

In terms of relevancy, retail could be taking place where the customer is, and not trying to drive to where the retailer has a presence.

IMRG and Braintree have teamed up to run a one off dinner event looking into this exciting development in digital commerce. Over dinner in a private area this forum will explore the opportunities, the challenges in this change to the payment landscape.  

Join IMRG and Braintree at dinner to explore the opportunities, the challenges in making new channels a path to purchase. 

Retailers must challenge the old truths and adapt to this new reality – and they must do so fast.

Who Should Attend?

This forum is designed to provide retailers with key learnings around automated merchandising. If your role or responsibility falls into one of the below, you will benefit from attending our forum.

  • Financial Directors  / Manager

  • eCommerce Directors / Managers

This event is for retailers only.


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