IMRG Data Webinar - 10 things to look out for in 2020


2019 has been a tough year for retail, both on the high street and online, with a host of issues exerting pressure on trading conditions. Retailers will be hoping that 2020 brings a reversal of fortunes, where customer demand rises again and many of the macro pressures start to ease.

However the market conditions evolve over the coming 12 months, there are certain things we can be sure will either happen or become more prominent during that period. So, what are the developments we can be reasonably certain will play some part in 2020?

Join IMRG and J.P. Morgan as we look at some of the trends in propositions, as well as key innovations and regulatory requirements that may come to define retail over the coming year.

We will look at:

  • What the Black Friday 2019 period tells us about where the market is going
  • The external pressures retailers need to deal with
  • Technical and regulatory developments

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This webinar will be 30 minutes long.

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