eCommerce Worldwide Summit 2017


  • Interested in trading online overseas but don’t know where to start?
  • Want to maximise your international trading potential?
  • Need to stress-test your cross-border eCommerce strategy but don’t know who to ask?

Then the eCommerce Worldwide Cross-Border Summit is the MUST-attend event for you.

Whether you are new to cross-border trading, already dipping your toes in international waters, or want to expand your current cross-border strategy, then the eCommerce Worldwide Cross-Border Summit will give you the information and contacts that you need. Packed with first-hand experience, leading international brands and retailers will be sharing their insights and lessons learned on their international eCommerce journeys.

International online sales represent a huge opportunity for all retailers big or small but it can seem an overwhelming project to start, let alone implement. The Summit aims to give you a checklist of strategic and tactical pointers to help your business attain its potential for cross-border trading.

This year’s agenda reflects the key issues raised during our extensive research with those responsible for cross-border eCommerce at major retailers and brands. Through a mix of case studies, interactive panel discussions and thought-leadership, the experts at the Cross-Border Summit 2017 will help answer your questions concerning the following:

  • Accurately gauging market size and opportunity
  • Reducing your exposure to risk in new markets
  • Localisation strategies - understanding cultural differences and buying habits
  • Adapting your marketing and branding
  • Dos and don’ts of working with marketplaces
  • International delivery, logistics and payment

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Who Should Attend?

eCommerce Worldwide Summit 2017 is designed to provide retailers with key learnings around how to effectively trade cross-border. 

If you want to understand the latest trends and developments in these areas this summit is a must-attend for you. If your role or responsibility falls into one of the below, you will benefit from attending eCommerce Worldwide Summit 2017 :

  • Heads of eCommerce
  • Heads of International 
  • Global Heads of eCommerce
  • Heads of Logistics/ Delivery
  • Heads of Marketing
  • Managers / Directors
  • Marketing Directors

This event is open to all online retailers and IMRG Supplier members at no charge**.

*An online retailer would be a B2C operation selling products or services, via a website with transactions completed fully, including payment, via any interactive channel, from any location. These operations may have a social media presence, store, or be linked via a marketplace but would operate primarily via their own domain and not via a marketplace alone. Unfortunately 3rd party agencies who have retailers as clients are not classed as retailers themselves but would be a solution provider.

**Attendees registering under incorrect ticket types will be reviewed and cancelled with access to the event refused.

Where Is It?

Platinum Suite

Sandstone Lane,
E16 1XL

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