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How to measure your online retail performance

Performance benchmarking

Compare your performance against other UK retailers through our unique benchmark



What is performance benchmarking? How does it help me?

Performance benchmarking is a way of comparing and measuring your online retail performance against an aggregated set of your competitors (anonymously). As a member of IMRG the UK's online retail association you can benchmark your performance in over 120 KPIs (key performance indicators) to help you understand where you are strong, and where you need to prioritise investment. 

Our KPIs include growth rates, conversion rates and basket values for multiple sectors and devices (desktop, smartphone and tablet) as well as metrics covering website performance, customer acquisition & retention, commercial, order fulfilment, geographical split, marketing performance and channels.

If you choose to contribute your own data to our indexes, we’ll create a personalised benchmarking report each month for you comparing and measuring your performance against that of your online retail competitors (anonymously). 



Which indexes do you produce?

With a database of online retail sales, marketing, delivery and mobile platform performance, IMRG offers the longest running online retail tracking indexes in Europe. Much of this data is available to our membership and all relevant reports are available to members who contribute performance data.

IMRG Capgemini Sales Index 
This is the primary performance indicator for online retailers in the UK and is available to all members. Produced in association with leading retail consultancy, Capgemini, the Sales Index is published monthly and shows how the total online retail market is performing, average conversion rates, average basket value and more. Sales on mobile devices are growing quickly, but how quickly? How do sales patterns differ between smartphones and tablets? How do basket values compare with non-mobile devices? How are conversion rates affected? This valuable data is tracked in the IMRG Capgemini Sales Index. 

IMRG MetaPack Delivery Index 
Delivery continues to be highly influential in achieving sales conversion. Does it pay to offer a free premium delivery service? What advantage do you get from offering delivery windows instead of named day or AM/PM options? Is your delivery failure rate better or worse than your competitors? The monthly Delivery Index is produced in association with MetaPack and is accessible to all our members. 



IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking

We produce a performance benchmark report each quarter measuring all of the key drivers for successful online retail. Available to members who provide the data that drives the benchmark, the quarterly report will give you objective information to help you benchmark your own performance. We can split out our Quarterly KPIs to show the results by device - smartphone, tablet and desktop, giving retailers greater granularity on the most important metrics. Over 40 key performance indicators are measured including:

• Website performance – including bounce and abandonment rates

• Marketing – including PPC performance data

• Acquisition and Retention – including customer return rates

• Commercial – including average order value



Why we are unique

IMRG is a membership community comprising a wide range of the UK’s online retailers and solution providers. Our members submit data to us which we aggregate into indexes allowing our members to benchmark their online retail performance against their competitors. Because of our set of members and our neutral position as a membership community, we are a unique organisation for online retail data and insight in the UK.

The data is valuable to all stakeholders in online retail and our benchmarking data and indexes aid strategic level decision making and investment decision.