In IMRG’s weekly analysis, we bring you key insight, in order to look to the future and identify key trends.

In this weekly data show, we look ahead to 2022, in order to make some predictions about the year ahead. We’ll be taking key trends from 2021, and seeing how these might play out in the new year. 

We’ll look at how the opportunities and challenges from last year might evolve this year, and how you can best prepare for success in 2022. You’ll discover what to expect in online retail and how you can futureproof your ecommerce strategy.

Key Takeaways:

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    Market Performance

    What could market performance look like in 2022?

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    Upcoming Trends

    What are the themes likely to dominate how retailers change strategy and proposition?

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    What could go wrong?

    Will the year be dominated by supply chain issues and the pandemic, or will we see a new optimism?

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    How to stand out

    What will customers be looking for in the year ahead, and how can you stand out?

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