How have customer expectations changed in 2021?

In IMRG’s week-on-week analysis, we bring you key insight, in order to look to the future and identify key trends. We know that everyone’s schedule is packed at this time of year, so we strive to bring you all of our important information for the week within the space of half an hour.

We’ll present our predictions as to whether demand will drop out before November peak trading begins, or if media frenzy will force customers to shop early.

Our expert panel will then discuss how customer expectations have changed during 2021. And, finally, IMRG will present the highlights from our latest edition of the consumer delivery review—all of this, within half an hour!

4 Key Takeaways:

  • Market Performance

    We discuss whether demand is dropping, as customers wait for heavy discounting, or if the media frenzy surrounding panic buying is causing people to get their Christmas shopping done early.

  • A Look Ahead

    Our panellists discuss the ways in which customer expectations have changed in 2021, and what this may mean for the year ahead.

  • In The Spotlight

    nShift will discuss the highlights from their consumer delivery review 2021, as they pinpoint how customer expectations have changed across the years.

  • Achieving Excellence

    Will demand drop or surge, and how might this impact your strategy?

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