In IMRG’s weekly analysis, we bring you key insight, in order to look to the future and identify important trends. We strive to bring you all of our important information for the week, within the space of 1 hour.

In this week’s show, IMRG will be reviewing traffic to online retail sites, looking at what the data suggests across various metrics and time intervals. Register today to gain insight into category specific trended results, as we present which online retail product categories are seeing the highest or lowest growth in traffic. Do the differences in traffic on different market tiers, such as budget, mid-market, and premium, imply that the wider economic context of this year, and the years gone by, have affected customer behaviour?

Key Takeaways

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    Category Performance

    What are the differences in traffic growth across online retail categories?

  • Tier Differences

    Do different market tiers see different traffic results?

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    Contextual Analysis

    Can we conclude that the cost-of-living crisis continues to impact customer behaviour?

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