In IMRG’s weekly analysis, we bring you key insight, in order to look to the future and identify important trends. We strive to bring you all of our important information for the week, within the space of 1 hour. 

In this week’s show, IMRG will be taking a look at bounce rates, and how they’ve been affected by tough conditions. Are we seeing increases in bounce rates at particular points in the customer journey, such as the homepage and product pages. And as the cost of living crisis worsens, are we seeing uncertainty creep into shopping behaviours?

Key Takeaways

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    Bounce Rates

    How are shoppers behaving when it comes to bounce rates?

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    Start Rates

    Are we seeing a change in start rates ahead of peak trading?

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    Exit Rates

    Has the cost of living crisis worsened exit rates, and what is considered ‘normal’?

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