IMRG Valuing Home Delivery Review 2018

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What is the cost of failed online retail deliveries in the UK? 

The IMRG Valuing Home Delivery Review is designed to help the industry’s stakeholders understand the implications and costs incurred when online retail delivery fails to meet the shopper’s expectation – which is to get their online purchases first time, on time, every time.  

In the 12 years since the first review the industry has achieved considerable success in improving shoppers’ online delivery experience and controlling the costs involved but, as standards and performance improve, so customer expectations increase.

The 2018 review focusses on the most likely delivery failure scenarios:

  1. Failed first delivery – re-delivery required
  2. Failed first delivery – collection by customer
  3. Late delivery - not within the expected time window
  4. Order lost – replacement sent

We are grateful for the support of NetDespatch, who have lent their knowledge and expertise to the creation of this report. 

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IMRG Valuing Home Delivery Review 2018

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