Retail Reimagined: The Digitally Remastered High Street – A new report by IMRG

High Streets must change to remain relevant in the internet age, but most don’t know how to and need help.  This new IMRG report:

Ecommerce is becoming by default the digital ground on which society will build its future economy.  For ecommerce to serve society as the means to a new wealthier, safer, fairer, caring culture, all of its participants need to be involved in helping shape it.

Small businesses in particular are disadvantaged in, if not precluded from, the digital marketplace by their lack of knowledge, skills, tools and poor connectivity.  An example of this handicap is that the product that you can find and buy in seconds from a distant seller online may be available in your local shop, but this local stock is likely to be undiscoverable online.

For the report, IMRG asked 1,000 consumers how their retail and high street behaviour is evolving, and what more they would like from their shopping experience.  

This new IMRG report focuses on a number of key areas where stakeholders’ collective attention and collaborative cooperation is essential to help us optimise e-retail innovation and enable high streets to reap the new benefits of the omnichannel economy. 

Read the report for the full picture of the future of our high streets. 

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