Planning for Peak 2016 Report

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Black Friday has made peak highly unpredictable – what’s going to happen this year, and how can retailers plan for it effectively?

You can be forgiven for thinking that Black Friday happened ‘overnight’ in the UK, such was the scale of its impact in 2014 – but that doesn’t mean that the Black Friday period has settled into a reliable pattern.

In 2015 we saw it evolve with retailer campaigns run over a longer period and a heavy customer focus on online shopping (leaving the shops looking decidedly empty).

Which rather begs a question – how is it going to evolve again this year, what shape will Black Friday and peak take in 2016?

Over the past six months we’ve been doing a lot of research – speaking to people from all areas of industry, carrying out research, surveying retailers etc – to help us understand what’s going to happen this year.

This report – which is supported by Salmon – analyses all this information to help you build your strategy, focusing on:

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