IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review 2017

  • Overall delivery satisfaction remains over 85%
  • Returns satisfaction remains lower at 67%
  • In-transit information is highly valued by shoppers


The IMRG – BluJay UK Consumer Home Delivery Review 2017 is a study of online fulfilment requirements. In addition to exploring customer satisfaction, this report anticipates UK consumers’ expectations and needs.

This review asks 2,000 UK online shoppers 50 questions to provide a comprehensive snapshot of what they want from online delivery.

This report presents a nine-year ‘deep-dive’ view of the developing expectations and perceptions of UK shoppers and tracks what is overall a very positive story during that period. However, as the industry meets one consumer challenge, expectations and situations change to present others so this is an evolving landscape.

Download the report for data and insights into customer requirements and preferences, such as:



Download the 'IMRG-Blujay UK Consumer Home Delivery Review' below


The IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review 2017 is supported by BluJay and uses survey data compiled by maru-edr.


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