A more mature (but still evolving) Black Friday

Every Black Friday has proven difficult to predict. Its character has changed every year in a way that has been impossible to anticipate – and still it seems to be evolving yet further.

Evidence presented in this report suggests that Black Friday has crept further into November, and that it’s affecting the surrounding months. Shoppers know that Black Friday is coming; some retailers are anxious not to lose spend from October and early November, and others cannot persuade their customers to pay full price in December.
This report examines the data sets that IMRG tracked over peak trading in 2017, to examine what the period looks like these days, and whether Black Friday is indeed showing any signs of maturity.

The report includes:

  • How Black Friday is shaping Christmas trading
  • A Black Friday email marketing review
  • The shape, character, and performance of Black Friday 2017, including mobile and logistics
  • Analysis of Christmas click and collect
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