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What are the relative pros and cons of the multichannel and online-only propositions? For the former we might laud the benefits of having a visible high street presence, face-to-face contact and a store network enabling the roll-out of customer-focused services such as click & collect, return-to-store, beacons and geo-location marketing. For the latter, we might point to the potential for greater agility, less overheads and less warehouse space required.

Obviously whether one is actually better than the other is in the eye of the beholder, but there is one measure in which there is currently a clear winner – sales revenue growth.

While the two retailer categories have often recorded differing rates of growth (which is to be expected), since April 2015 we have been recording a consistent disparity – with online-only retailers far ahead of the multichannel retailers.

So what’s going on here, what are the drivers of this growth disparity?

This report – which is supported by Capgemini – covers:

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