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It’s no secret that many shoppers are ‘multichannel’ these days. Smartphones have achieved a strong penetration into the UK population and are increasingly used for managing our entire lives. The perennial problem for retailers is understanding how customer journeys are played out across these devices – what role does each play in any given situation? Just because someone purchases in a store, did they research on a desktop, use a store locator on their smartphone then finally complete down their local high street?

The key question is the influence that each device can have on these journeys, as it affects attribution of the sale and can help to shape strategies – to ensure retailers don’t look at hard data that only tells part of the story and end up focusing their energies in the wrong areas. So what do we know about the relationship between mobile, desktop and tablet traffic and conversion? How do customers use different devices – when and why?

This report covers 

With insight from Affiliate Window, Akamai, arvato, Bronto, CyberSource, Demandware, iAdvize, Ingenico e-Payments, Monetate, OpenMarket, Pitney Bowes, ReBOUND and Tradedoubler.


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