IMRG Data Report: Customer Funnel Stage 1

Best practice for optimising your home / search results page

On average, only 53% of visitors who visit your homepage will go on to view a product page. That means that in a group of 100 potential shoppers, 47 will leave your website without even browsing your wares.

What best practice exists to increase the chances of converting these visitors?

In IMRG’s Data Reports, we carry out regular studies analysing participant performance across a range of datasets that we track to identify common points between those who have the highest rates of performance at various stages, and those with the lowest.

The insight that we are able to extract, based on this information, is unparalleled in industry. By reviewing participant sites we can draw conclusions as to which elements on various ecommerce pages contribute to strong performance – and how each of those pages should be structured.

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A report researched and compiled by IMRG, supported by Optimizely.

About this study

An extensive study has been undertaken by IMRG, investigating the four stages of the customer funnel and the reasons customers drop out at various stages of the buying journey. This is the first in a series of four reports, concentrating on the home and search results pages.

While we track data from a total of 190 participants in our sales and performance indices, we focused on a sample of 23 in this study – the retailers covered included a group of the best (ie those with the lowest checkout abandonment rate) and worst performers, plus a group with average rates. Participants were both large and small retailers, ranging across multiple sectors and product offerings.

We explored various types of website practice for each of those participants to see if we could identify common factors that may be influencing a high / low progression to product page rate.

This report shares insight gleaned from this study to identify possible best practice, focussing on the reasons a shopper may be moving from the home or search pages to view a product page.

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