3 years of the new Black Friday

Peak trading underwent a seismic shift in 2014 when Black Friday completely surpassed all expectation in size and scale. It served to disrupt the established pattern of pre-Christmas trading – and things might not ever be quite the same again.

We’ve now had three years (2014-16) of this new format Black Friday / Christmas peak, so some things have become a bit clearer about how it works and what it means.

This report compares the past three years of data to identify what appears to be settled in this new format of Christmas trading, as well as what still seems a little unpredictable.

Topics covered include:

  • The case for 2015 as the defining Black Friday
  • A three-year comparison of overall, tablet and smartphone sales performance
  • A three-year comparison of delivery performance
  • Results of a daily benchmark run over Black Friday week and Christmas week


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