IMRG MetaPack UK Delivery Index - December 2018

Reporting November 2018 Performance

Retail slow-down spreads to online

  • The current malaise that is hitting the high street has now moved online with disappointing parcel order and delivery volumes in November
  • The mild weather that suppressed fashion sales in September and October contributed to a slow start to peak and a change of timing in Black Friday, bringing it ahead of the end of month pay day, plus weakened consumer confidence, produced only 1.5% volume growth for the entire month
  • The Black Friday weekend saw 15% volume growth and the pay day weekend may drive some volume into December so we may see some recovery
  • Year-on-year growth between 2017 and 2018 is running at 10.6% year-to-date compared with 13% back in July, such is the autumn slow-down
  • On-time performance did benefit from the  lower than forecast volumes and less next day traffic gave delivery agents more time and capacity
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