IMRG Capgemini Sales Index - November 2016

Reporting October 2016 Performance

  • UK online retail sales grew 18.9% in October — the highest YoY growth since November 2014.
  • Month-on-month performance was +7.0%.
  • Excluding travel, the Index recorded annual growth of 18.8% and a monthly growth of 10.3% from September.
  • High street/multichannel retailers outperformed online-only/catalogue retailers in year-on-year growth, with 19.6% and 18.0% respectively. It’s the biggest YoY growth for high street retailers since June 2015, when they reported 20.9%.
  • Britons spent an estimated £11.39 billion shopping online during October, resulting in total estimated spend YTD 2016 of £102.1 billion.
  • Mobile online retails sales (tablets and smartphones) grew 31.3% year-on-year in October, and grew 4.1% from the previous month.
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