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Russia eCommerce Country Guide

A guide that can help you improve your cross-border strategy


Russia is the world’s ninth most populous nation with more than 143 million people, and a delineated area of focus amongst the territory’s authorities is increasing the prosperity of the nation’s habitants and growing the Russian middle class. 

Russian consumers are also notorious for spending a high proportion of their disposable income on consumer goods, having been dissuaded from saving and investing from former financial crises.

Interestingly, for prospective e-Retailers into Russia, the nation’s consumers are reported to spend significant sums on electronic and white goods, as well as foreign luxury fashion brands.

This cross-border country guide contains valuable information on: 

  • Overview of the Russian eCommerce market
  • Marketing strategies for the Russian eCommerce market
  • Popular payment methods in the Russian eCommerce market
  • Legal framework & regulation in the Russian eCommerce market
  • Logistics in the Russian eCommerce marke