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Nordics eCommerce Country Guide

A guide that can help you improve your cross-border strategy


This cross-border trading country guide looks at the Nordics, a combined market of 26 million people, with a GDP of $1.4trn which ranks the region as the 12th biggest global economy.

With an average GDP per capita of $49,000, this is a relatively wealthy region with each of the four countries covered here ranking in the top 10 ecommerce enabled territories globally; ahead of both the UK and US.

This report covers the four countries collectively and in specific detail where one performs differently to the others. 

This cross-border country guide contains valuable information on: 

  • Overview of the Nordic eCommerce market
  • Marketing strategies for the Nordic eCommerce market
  • Popular payment methods in the Nordic eCommerce market
  • Legal framework & regulation in the Nordic eCommerce market
  • Logistics in the Nordic eCommerce marke

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