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Japan eCommerce Country Guide

A guide that can help you improve your cross-border strategy


Japanese ecommerce is a huge opportunity. There’s a big, rich, online country over there. With a population of 126M people, Japan is bigger than Germany plus Benelux and EU Scandinavia combined – something to consider when contemplating any sort of global ecommerce rollout. Don’t be put off by media stories of a country in the economic doldrums; growth may not be great, but it’s still a wealthy place. 
Japan is a huge ecommerce opportunity. Once you look into it, you may well start wondering why you didn’t tackle it earlier. At first glance, once you overcome the language barrier, it looks extremely accessible. Nevertheless, the differences in taste, process, expectations, and in some cases tools, such as Yahoo or LINE, should not be underestimated. In short, it’s strangely familiar.
This country guide will provide an introduction to trading into Japan through:
  • The general retail landscape
  • Marketing to Japanese shoppers
  • Legal framework and regulation
  • Payments & Logistics