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Canada eCommerce Country Guide

A guide that can help you improve your cross-border strategy

Canada offers an outstanding cross-border opportunity, with the added advantage for British retailers and brands that it is largely English-speaking and strategically Brexit-proof. 

Its 35 million wealthy consumers are amongst the most connected in the world, and are well used to online shopping cross-border, currently making more than half their ecommerce purchases from outside Canada.

In short, if you’ve looked seriously at Australia, then you should look even more seriously at Canada. eCommerce in Canada appears to be taking off in the way that it suddenly did in Australia a few years ago. The sleeping giant is waking up…

  • Overview of the Canadian eCommerce market
  • Marketing strategies for the Canadian eCommerce market
  • Popular payment methods in the Canadian eCommerce market
  • Legal framework & regulation in the Canadian eCommerce market
  • Logistics in the Canadian eCommerce market

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