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eCommerce Worldwide’s cross-border insights are now part of IMRG – UK’s online retail association. If you’ve been redirected from the eCommerce Worldwide site, you’ll now find the international trading guides here.

Download our country guides to find all you need to know about selling into a country for the first time. You’ll get an overview of the online retail market in each of the countries we cover, plus the essentials that you need to know when it comes to:

Learn about logistics, payments, legal frameworks, and marketing in your target market, and get started with your next cross-border expansion.

Belgium & Netherlands eCommerce Country Guide

Belgium & Netherlands eCommerce Country Guide


The Belgium and Netherlands eCommerce Country Guide will help you better understand these target markets so that you can develop a well-informed strategy before establishing your presence there.

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Australia eCommerce Country Guide

With a global outlook for trade and eCommerce and a multicultural society, Australia represents a key opportunity for many business sectors.

Belgium & Netherlands eCommerce Country Guide

With a combined population of 28 million people, 11.5 million households and combined GDP of €1.08trn and English spoken widely, the Netherlands and Belgium offer an attractive market to international merchants looking to expand into new territories.

Canada eCommerce Country Guide

Canada’s total population in 2015 was 35.8 million and has been a sleeping giant of the online retailing world until very recently. Canada’s consumers are amongst the most connected in the world, and spend significant time online making it a fantastic opportunity amongst online retailers.

China eCommerce Country Guide

China provides a wealth of opportunities for any online retailer, whether they are based in the country itself or exporting into China from outside its borders.

Germany eCommerce Country Guide

Germany is Western Europe’s largest country with 81 million citizens, and the second biggest ecommerce market in Europe.

India eCommerce Country Guide

This is a guide to picking your way through the contradictions of India, and of Indian ecommerce, to enable you to decide if it’s a country worth targeting, and if so, how to do it.


Ireland eCommerce Country Guide

With close links to the UK and eCommerce expected to be worth €5bn in 2016, Ireland is seen as a country full of opportunities for cross-border activity.

Nordics eCommerce Country Guide

The Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland – Iceland is not included for the purposes of this output) is a market with a combined population of 26 million people and GDP of $1.4trn – which ranks the region as the 12th biggest global economy.

Russia eCommerce Country Guide

Russia undoubtedly offers significant opportunities to international retailers, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Switzerland eCommerce Country Guide

With a global outlook for trade and ecommerce, Switzerland represents a key opportunity for many business sectors.

UK eCommerce Country Guide

The UK is ranked by the World Bank as one of the top European destinations in which to set up and operate a business.

USA eCommerce Country Guide

With the largest global economy, a world-leading technology sector, and an affluent middle class, the US is an attractive market to enter.