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Established in 1983, WEX is a global leader in supplier payment solutions. We help our customers to gain a competitive edge with simplified accounts payable processing. Our virtual payments solution has been adopted by leading travel brands and is quickly being embraced by businesses outside of the travel industry, including eCommerce companies and online retailers. In 2016 we processed $23 billion in payments on behalf of our customers allowing them to focus on their core businesses. Our virtual payments solution is accepted by suppliers through existing processes and can be used to pay suppliers in 210 countries and in over 150 currencies - typically saving you up to 3% per payment by avoiding FX rate mark ups and cross-currency fees. Access to a credit line at no cost helps you to enhance cash flow and working capital for your business, while the potential to earn money back on payments you are already making can help create an additional revenue stream. The easy to use solution can help reduce administration and overhead in accounts payable with automated reconciliation and enhanced data for improved reporting. You can control and track the timing, recipient and exact amount of each payment to avoid fraud and misuse. Get in touch to learn how we can help your business streamline processes and save on supplier payments.

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Member Content: Save 3% on Cross-Border Supplier Payments

Member Content: Save 3% on Cross-Border Supplier Payments


Find out how our virtual payments solution can help you save money and reduce risk when paying inter...

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