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The Data Project specialises in designing, supporting and auditing all aspects of data management for businesses.

Robust and effective data management is a core requirement for all businesses and since 25th May 2018 this obligation was further reinforced through the GDPR. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) expects all businesses operating in the UK to be compliant with DPA (2018) and to be able to demonstrate compliance.

The Data Project can help your business with its data management obligations. With experienced professionals, tried and tested structures and a tailored approach to each business' culture, our services are commercially orientated, effective and affordable.

Our services include:

• Full Data Audits – map what data is held and how it is being used
• Policy and process development work
• Advising Marketing on data structures, regulatory application and contact engagement – developing marketing engagement and improving performance
• Developing record keeping to deliver a defensible position
• Developing Organisational processes
• 3rd party supplier evaluation framework
• Data Subject rights
• Outsourced (External) Data Protection Officer (DPO) service
• DPO Support programmes – provide in-house DPO with technical and administrative supports

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you. Tel: 01634 890182

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