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Seven Senders optimizes the delivery process of retailers to provide a unique customer experience after checkout. We mainly focus on three core areas.

With 7S Shipping we represent Europe’s first independent parcel delivery service. Our end-to-end logistics solution enables online shops to ship to customers abroad up to 30% cheaper and twice as fast. Our optimized transport network is solely aimed at e-commerce requirements and shipments. Our independency gives you the unique opportunity to present yourself like your local competitor abroad as you can choose your best fit carrier in any EU country.

With 7S Tracking we provide a standardized tracking page for all European carriers branded in your corporate design. > 80% of customers click on the tracking link to check their order progress. Make use of this traffic - seize the opportunity to engage with your customers and ultimately boost your sales. Connect your recommendation engine, display your products and generate additional revenue.

7S Analytics is our web-based solution to keep track of all your European parcels out there. Your operations will use this tool as a control center to monitor all orders at a glance, analyze delivery times and benchmark the last mile performance of the carriers against service level agreements. Your customer service will experience a much reduced support request rate. You will always be a step ahead as you actively approach customers before they call your service center.

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3 Steps to Cross-Border Trading into Europe


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Remember this when you set up your logistics for cross-border trading


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