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Omnia is the leading SaaS solution for integrated dynamic pricing and online marketing automation. Omnia helps retailers regain control, save time and drive profitable growth. The out-of-the-box solution optimizes pricing and maximizes returns from marketing channels like Google Shopping. Omnia services more than 100 leading retailers, including Decathlon,, Tennis Point,, Wehkamp, and Coolblue. For her clients, Omnia scans and analyzes more than 500 million price points, and makes more than 7 million price adjustments daily.

Our products:


Accurate and comprehensive GTN-matched competitor pricing data. Understand market dynamics, gain actionable insights into competitors’ pricing and set the basis for a competitive pricing strategy.

Dynamic Pricing

A powerful end-to-end dynamic pricing solution for high-frequency pricing automation at the product level. Lift margins and boost profits using the optimal pricing for your products. Use Omnia's proprietary algorithm based on price elasticity, or implement pricing strategies with customizable repricing rules. Omnia's Dynamic Pricing clients see up to 50% improvement in sales and margin growth.

Feed Manager

Full-range channel management software for the creation and optimization of product feeds. Manage all feeds in one place, and easily connect marketing channels. Use pricing data to filter outpriced products from your marketing channels.

Dynamic Marketing

An intelligent bid management tool that automatically sets optimized bids for all pay-per-click marketing campaigns like Google Shopping. Use a wide variety of data, including pricing data, and omnichannel conversion rates to find optimal bids. Omnia Dynamic Marketing clients experience up to 4 times more growth in total contribution margin on Google Shopping.

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