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Some companies rely heavily on mail to promote and run their business operations. In recognition of this, we have a range of bulk mailing prices which are beneficial to those companies who are heavy mail users. If your company regularly sends: - Over 2,500 letters locally or to the UK a month - Over 500 letters internationally a month - You are eligible for our bulk mailing scheme, and should contact our Relationship Management Team on 616590. If you regularly send over 10,000 letters, or over 50 packets to the UK or internationally, your might like to discuss the options available to your business with our specialist logistics division J logistics who can be contacted on (01534) 616616 or by emailing J logistics: J logistics plays a vital part in the Postal Business section of Jersey Post Group. The fulfilment industry is growing at ten times the rate of traditional retail outlets and locally it is estimated that approximately 1000 employees are now employed in the fulfilment industry, packing and shipping a wide range of goods including CDs, DVDs, clothing, health products, contact lenses and flowers. J logistics, based at the St Helier harbour, was set up to provide a key role in nurturing new fulfilment businesses in the Island and helping them to develop the bulk mailing and distribution of their goods once their businesses are established – an innovative approach that has achieved significant growth. Increasingly, J logistics are now assisting more and more locally based online retailers with their bulk mailing and distribution to other Channel Islands, the UK and the rest of the world. If you have a question regarding any aspect of the Jersey Post Group, please contact us in any of the following ways: By post: Customer Services Team Jersey Post Postal Headquarters JERSEY JE1 1AA

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