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EPC is a leading, international provider of high quality training, consultancy, exercises and support services, firmly committed to helping organisations survive the most turbulent of times. At EPC we understand the business needs of our customers and we offer solutions that scale and flex as businesses change. For example, our customers may need a business impact analysis, a short training course or a table top exercise – or they may require a longer term programme of transformational change or a large scale, multi-agency exercise played out over a number of days. Whatever the need, we work very closely with our clients to design and develop the right solution to help their business survive, thrive and prosper. Our interests are wide and varied but in essence we help organisations improve their resilience, so supporting them to become stronger and more adaptive. We take our services into all parts of the business from board room to store room and focus on areas such as; emergency planning, crisis management, business continuity, crisis communications, risk management, public safety and cyber security. You will find out more about our services and capabilities throughout this website but we would be delighted to talk to you, to discuss your business needs and introduce our services. Today we typically support over 7,000 professionals each year, from public, private and voluntary sectors and draw on our many years of experience and expertise to help organisations deal with a wide range of disruptions and challenges.

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