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Our team of 3000+ full-time digital delivery employees at our five production hubs in Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Verona and Phuket apply deep digital expertise to effectively support the most demanding global clients by a follow the sun delivery model. eClerx Digital’s innovative delivery model drives the “metrics that matter” for our clients: improved acquisition, conversion and retention and overall lifetime value of your customer 24x7x365  

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CGI: Why You Should Integrate It Into Your Online Retail Marketing

CGI: Why You Should Integrate It Into Your Online Retail Marketing


If you’re a fan of super hero movies like The Avengers or Batman, then you’ve surely heard of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI for short). You may have not realised that some of the biggest names in retail have been turning to CGI as a holistic solution for solving some of their biggest product marketing needs. So why should your retail brand consider ditching traditional production methods in favour of product content with computer generated imagery?...

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