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Welcome to Direct Link. Our aim is to help you reach your goals in the easiest and smartest way possible. All over the world and with an expert eye on the Nordic countries.

Through customized distribution solutions we create logistical connections. In other words we call it fast delivery, smart and convenient customs solutions included in the total price and the best possible delivery method. It goes without saying that only satisfied customers are repeat customers. We know it. You know it.

We think on our feet and are flexible enough to provide e-tailers and other companies all over the world with secure and stable distribution solutions. And we never hesitate to go the extra mile if it helps you reach your goals faster. If there's a sudden bump in the road, we eliminate it before it gets in your customer's way.

Our references? 27.4 million deliveries a day!

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The latest data on ecommerce in Sweden

The latest data on ecommerce in Sweden


The Swedish ecommerce market must, from all aspects, be regarded as quite mature. In spite of that the market lived up to the high expectations and grew by 16% during 2017. If the growth will go on at this rate, Swedish ecommerce sales is expected to double within five years. eCommerce now accounts for close to 9 percent of total retail sales. Compared to some other markets, like the UK, this is still not a very high number. However, ecommerce is taking an ever greater share of retail sales each year. And during the second quarter of 2017, the Swedish retail sector actually reached a tipping point when all of the growth came from online shopping. This article will share some results from the E-barometer full year 2017 report, commissioned by PostNord, and reveal key insights into Swedish ecommerce....

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